At Exacto’s C-O-R-E

Providing clear values and a safe environment for an engaged, motivated, well-trained and encouraged workforce supports quality deliverables to all people within our circle of influence; our customers, our associates’ families, our local community and the world.


We CARE about our customers, our teammates and our communities. We SERVE each other and the community. We are PASSIONATE, optimistic and have fun. We STEWARD our customers’ brands and Exacto’s reputation.


We provide an environment abundant for OPPORTUNITY. We INNOVATE products to provide solutions to customer challenges. We take INITIATIVE with a mindset of continuous improvement. We encourage others to dream, to determine their life’s purpose and GROW to achieve potential.


Relationships are built on two things: RESPECT and trust. We are HONEST and express opinions with truth and grace. We are INCLUSIVE, recognizing the contributions of every individual and we value diversity and perspective. We are ACCOUNTABLE for our actions, decisions and responsibilities.


EXCELLENCE is NOT a destination. It’s about getting better, developing, growing, improving and giving it your all every day. We focus on delivering QUALITY across all functions and customer touch points. When we interact with SYNERGY, our combined efforts produce results greater than the total of individual effort. We work together with compelling INFLUENCE to effect positive impact.