Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance Support

Monitoring the regulations that affect our day to day operations, our long term business planning and the products we produce, Exacto’s regulatory compliance staff provides a hub of information that our associates and partners can turn to for expert advice as we navigate the complicated world of local, state, federal and international rules and regulations. Focused on staying ahead of the trends, we are often on the road at various industry meetings to stay informed about regulatory changes and additions from government agencies such as the federal EPA, various state DOTs, OSHA and foreign governments. We maintain this focus to ensure we can help our partners through the process of registering their products for sale in all regions and states. While we are well known and appreciated by some of the regulatory agents we work with most frequently, we can also be counted on to help navigate through new markets that had been previously unexplored.

Regulatory Support Services

  • California registered formulations available for product sub-registrations
  • Washington approved label verbiage minimizes revision rounds
  • Regulatory consultation for situational investigation