Technical Services

Innovation Laboratory Team

We understand that change is the only constant. Dynamic climate conditions cause changes in drought patterns and water sources. Expanding resistance cause changes in tank mixes. New regulations, new pesticides, the list goes on and the need for constant innovation in new and existing technology categories is undeniable. Ensuring our distribution partners have access to a steady stream of new products designed to meet the ever increasing challenges faced by chemical applicators, our dedicated Innovation Team is focused on creating the cutting edge that keeps our partners ahead of the pack.

Foundation Quality Laboratory Team

Managing the vast array formulations in our portfolio, our Foundation Team is here to ensure our partnership can be as simple as a line item on a profit statement – out of sight and out of mind. Ensuring the accuracy and quality of every order is our goal and we stand ready to provide a decisive response should we falter. As the product experts, we are here to provide our associates and partners with technical support, answering any questions, explaining any concept and resolving any issues that arise along the way.

Technical Services

  • Innovative and technical consultations available to ensure a fundamental understanding of our formulations and customization capabilities
  • Full service laboratory for analysis and comparisons
  • Educational message development