Modified Vegetable Oil

Tolex 8452 BD_250x364

TOLEX® ME 8452 BD is formulated with methylated soy and paraffinic oils and is recommended for use when the active ingredient label calls for an oil adjuvant. It may be used as a for crop oil in post-emergence herbicide spray mixes such as imidazolinone, phenoxy, and sulfonylurea herbicides. TOLEX® ME 8452 BD increases spreading of the active ingredient across the target and wetting of waxy or weather-hardened cuticles. The oil blend in TOLEX® ME 8452 BD slows drying and evaporation of the application which enhances penetration of the active to the mode of action site.


  • Increases spreading of active ingredient on target
  • Wets waxy or weather-hardened cuticles
  • Slows drying and evaporation time



If the active ingredient label does not provide a use rate for an oil additive, add TOLEX® ME 8452 BD at 3/4 pint to 6 quarts per acre. Higher rates may be required if weed populations are extreme, if waxy leaf species are targeted, or if plants are stressed at the time of treatment.