Nonionic Surfactant & Humectant

SURFLEX L 902_250x364

The surfactant system in SURFLEX® L 902 is engineered to provide the superior wetting ability necessary to carry and spread the active ingredient throughout the intended target. SURFLEX® L 902 increases the contact time between the pesticide and the target surface, which improves penetration through a resistant or weather hardened cuticle and pesticide uptake to the mode of action site. It also helps to slow drying time which allows the active ingredient to permeate through a waxy surface more effectively. SURFLEX® L 902 meets the requirement of most active ingredient manufacturers for a nonionic 90/10 surfactant, is compatible with most crop protection products, is recommended for agricultural crops and non-crop uses, and is formulated with a defoaming agent to help control foaming during the mixing process.



  • Increases the contact time between pesticide and target surface
  • Helps slow drying time, allowing the active ingredient to permeate through a waxy surface more effectively
  • Superior wetting and spreading ability
  • Slower drying on the target surface allows more time for the pesticide to penetrate through waxy or resistant cuticles


Application: Herbicides
Use Rate: 1 to 4 pints

Application: Defoliants, desiccants
Use Rate: 1 to 2 pints