Research, Development & Innovation

Customers with product development needs or ideas should contact either Frank Sexton or Dr. Nongnuch Sutivisedsak.


Exacto®, Inc.’s Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) team consists of seasoned scientists with expertise in chemistry, biology, and agronomy.  The team supports all aspects of product development including formulation development, product efficacy testing, product stability testing, raw material qualification, analytical method development and manufacturing support.  Facilities include a chemical development and testing lab, internal greenhouse and growth facilities and 30 acres of on-site crop testing areas.

Product development at Exacto®, Inc. is mainly focused on customer and market needs, however, we maintain an active research effort to identify and develop novel and proprietary materials resulting in patented products.  The RD&I team is actively involved in the development of new and improved tank mix adjuvants, macro and micro nutrients, biologically derived crop protection products, water management products and a wide variety of specialty products.  Exacto®, Inc.’s future development goal is to provide products which are derived from renewable and sustainable sources.

200 Old Factory Road l Sharon, WI l 53585 l

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