Exacto®, Inc

Founded in 1981 with the introduction of innovative adjuvant technologies, Exacto®, Inc. has since earned a reputation as a leader in the formulation and enabling chemistry segment which facilitates improved active ingredient function. With a passion for helping customers achieve their goals for both profitable and sustainable operations, Exacto®, Inc. engineers eco-friendly agronomic solutions and produces private label products for several markets including: Agriculture, Turf and Ornamental, and Industrial Vegetation Management. 

Our Markets


From row crops to specialty crops, we have products to help you increase your yield and decrease your frustrations 

Turf and

Golf courses and landscapes can all benefit from our wide variety of products to improve the overall look of your space

Industrial Vegetation Management

Utilizing our products, you can easily manage unwanted brush/weeds and increase the overall effectiveness of your efforts

Enabling both profitable & sustainable operations


200 Old Factory Road l Sharon, WI l 53585l

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