Turf & Ornamental

Turf and Ornamental market spans golf, sports turf, lawn and landscape, sod farms, pest control, nurseries and greenhouses, and irrigation. Exacto, Inc. formulates and produces adjuvants that can be used for universal applications as well as specific needs. We carefully formulate products that are not only easy to use but also very effective.   

Solutions For




Pest Control

Product Types

Solutions for improving the performance of active ingredients: buffering agents, compatibility agents, nonionic surfactants, oils, spreaders, stickers and deposition/drift control agents

Overcoming water repellency and increasing irrigation efficiency: injectables, sprayable, and granular 

Solutions for improving and preserving the appropriate balance within the soil 


Spray Tech Aids

Defoamers, tank cleaners, water conditioners and odor masking agents


Spray pattern indicators and dyes for ponds, lakes and fountains 

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