Exacto®, Inc. has served the agricultural industry since 1981 as both an innovator and private label manufacturer of specialty products as well as activator and utility adjuvants. Today, Exacto®, Inc.’s reach expands globally to meet the ever-expanding needs of agriculture chemical distributors and end users. Whether it’s responsiveness during a busy spring season or marketing support to revamp a chemical portfolio, our team is equipped to create a plan with tailored requirements. Our quality is never compromised to meet the rigorous ASTM standards set in place to ensure a healthy growing practice for the end user. Exacto®, Inc. takes pride in meeting the demands of our customers and working toward a sustainable use of our world’s limited resources.


Solutions for improving the performance of active ingredients: buffering agents, compatibility agents, nonionic surfactants, oils, spreaders, stickers, drift and deposition control agents

Soil Amendments

Solutions for improving nutrient uptake and soil health management through water retention.

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