Research, Development, and Innovation

Customers with product development needs or ideas have come to the right spot. Exacto’s in-house expertise, laboratory, and plant testing facilities enable efficient processes and outstanding results. 

Exacto’s Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI) team consists of seasoned scientists with expertise in chemistry, biology, and agronomy. The team supports all aspects of product development including formulation development, product efficacy testing, product stability testing, raw material qualification, analytical method development, and manufacturing support. Our facilities include a chemical development and testing lab, internal greenhouse and growth lab, and 30 acres of on-site crop testing areas.

Product development services at Exacto are mainly focused on customer and market needs. However, we maintain an active research effort to identify and develop novel and proprietary materials resulting in patented products. The RDI team is actively involved in the development of new and improved tank mix adjuvants, macro and micronutrients, biologically derived crop protection products, water management products, and a wide variety of specialty products. Exacto is innovating solutions to make agronomic operations more sustainable by improving efficiency of inputs, and is developing renewable and sustainable products for the future.

To stay up-to-date on the latest industry developments, our scientists are actively involved in many industry associations, including Association of American Plant Food Control Officials, ACS, ASTM, BPIA, Council of Producers and Distributors of Agrotechnology, North Central Weed Science Society of America, Weed Science Society of America, American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and Soil Science Society of America. 

Services Offered

Formulation Capabilities

Liquid Formulations
Dry Formulations
Storage Stability
Tank Mix Compatibility

Bio-Efficacy Determination

Germination Studies
Seed Treatment
Growth Chamber Capacity
Crop Safety Test-Foliar Sprays
University & Field Trial Replication
Co-Operator Relationships

Analytical Capabilities

AI Purity Determination & Qualification
Unknown Identification
Method Development
Plant Hormone Analysis
Non-routine Problem Solving

Product Testing

Draves Test
Contact Angle
Surface Tension
Water Droplet Penetration

Fully-Outfitted laboratory, Plant Testing, and Pilot Production capabilities

With modern equipment in an updated facility, Exacto RDI team delivers quality results throughout the formulation development process. Efficacy testing, With lab services at the forefront, customers can count on reliable, high-quality results, formulation manufacturing, and other services from Exacto.

Exacto scientists perform a broad range of tests for wetting agents, surfactants, and other adjuvant and crop protection products. Draves test, contact angle measurement, and surface tension are just a few lab services Exacto scientists provide.

In-House Tools

Analytical Testing Equipment

Shimadzu GC
Shimadzu HPLC
pH Meter & EC Meter
Hach DR 6000 UV/ Vis Spectrophotometer
Thermo Scientific iS10 FT-IR
Metrohm KF Titrator
Brookfield DV1 Viscometer
Kruss Froce Tensiometer
Metler-Toledo Densitometer

Pilot Scale Production

Liquid Cold Blending 10-1,000 Gallons
Formulations 0.5-5 Gallons
Impregnated Granules 1-200 pounds
Treated Seeds 1-200 Pounds

Bio-Efficacy Testing Equipment

Conviron Growth Chamber
DeVries Spray Chamber
Oxford Lasers Droplet Size Analyzer
Time Lapse Photography
Carbon Dioxide Backpack Sprayer
Precision Incubator (0-50C)
Seed Treater

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