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filling a sprayer with pesticide tank mix before application

How the Biggest Part of a Tank Mix Can Impact Application Efficacy

Have you ever thought you prepared the perfect application, but gotten less-than-perfect results? As the largest component of a spray tank mix, water can significantly impact application quality. Hard water, the pH of the water, or dirty water can all affect the efficacy of a spray tank mix. Water conditioners can help to mitigate these issues.

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mark mahady, moisture management, irrigation, turf, wetting agent, surfactant, water conservation

Cutting-Edge Perspectives: Mark Mahady

Wielding his 35 years of experience, Mark Mahady provides insight on irrigation and water conservation, turf and soil moisture management, wetting agents, surfactants, and other related topics in this edition of Cutting-Edge Perspectives.

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contact angle research to real world series lab test adjuvant education

What Contact Angle Reveals About Wetting Agents & Surfactants

Understanding formulations starts in the lab. Knowing the specifications of a product can help users understand how they use may act and perform in the real-world. Exacto Chemist, Chris Walter, explains Contact Angle to help applicators better understand the chemistry behind surfactants, sticker spreaders, and wetting agents in this edition of the Research to Real-World series.

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