What Draves Test Reveals About Wetting Agents & Surfactants

Understanding formulations starts in the lab. Knowing how a substance might perform under certain conditions can help users understand how the products they use may act and perform in the real-world. Exacto Chemist, Chris Walter, explains the Draves Test to help applicators better understand the chemistry behind surfactants and wetting agents in this edition of the Research to Real-World series.

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golf course turf with irrigation

Are Adjuvants Useful in Turf and Ornamental Management?

Surfactants, water conditioners, stickers, deposition aids, and other adjuvants positively influence application by optimizing tank mixes to create the best possible application and reduce callbacks in the process. Read on for specific products and how they maximize results for the end-user.

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august 20222 corn and soybean crop progress update

US Crop Update – August 22, 2022

Even with some rainfall and cooler weather helping in many areas, US Crop Yield Estimates are declining. As crops in drought-stricken areas near maturity, forecasted precipitation and temperatures leave yield expectations up for debate. Read on to learn more about August crop status and forecasted September outlooks.

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