How Fungicides & Adjuvants Work Together to Reduce Disease Pressure

Fungicides are an important part of plant health, protecting crops from disease. Corn tar spot, southern corn rust, and frogeye leaf spot are a few diseases that can be costly if not treated with an effective fungicide application. Planning an application with adjuvants specifically targeting these diseases is imperative to reducing disease pressure.

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turf field trials

Turf Field Testing – Where Great Ideas Become Great Products

How do great ideas turn into high-quality products? The idea is translated into a stable, quality formulation then the questions begin. At what rate should the product be applied? When should it be reapplied? Can it be mixed with other materials? Does it need to be watered-in? We answer these questions by conducting field trials to put new product ideas to the test under real-world conditions.

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potting soil wetting agents

Why Wetting Agents Are an Asset for Potted Plants

Have you ever purchased a potted plant and noticed that after a few rounds of watering it, the water was going straight down to the drainage holes? This classic case of water repellency or hydrophobicity in the soil can be resolved with the use of soil surfactants, or wetting agents.

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spring 2023 crop update

US Crop Update – Spring Planting Outlook

With ongoing drought in the southern plains and increased snow cover in the the north and west, the US is split between dry and wet conditions this spring. As rain and snow cover relieve California and surrounding states, the extra water is causing concern for dam pressure and flooding.

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