US Crop update September 14

This week, the US crop update shares insights into the current drought status, the impact of historical and forecasted weather, and last but not least, the latest crop conditions and harvest updates with a comparison to the past years.

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US Crop Update June 18

Crop conditions depend heavily on weather with both temperature and rainfall equally important. Exacto’s inhouse agronomic expert, Steve Doench, Head of Sustainable Agronomy, shares his insights regularly during the growing season.

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Fungicides can be applied by crop dusters

Optimizing fungicide applications

Fungal infections cause most foliar diseases with a regional variation in the type of diseases present. While prevention is best, unfortunately it is not always possible to avoid infections. What can be done to optimize a fungicide application to get the desired results and minimize fungicide resistance?

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Water Management During Drought

Drought conditions can have a short and long term effect on agriculture, urban, and suburban areas. Soil amendment can help mitigate these effects and even improve yield with limited water resources

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