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moss demonstrates turfgrass ecology impacts in wetting agent study

How Ecology Influences Turfgrass Management

Maintaining consistent and uniform conditions within turfgrass ecosystems can be challenging. But, with effective turf management strategies such as the use of a wetting agent, localized dry spot, moss growth, and other ecological pressures can be managed in turfgrass ecosystems.

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pennycress weed spring burndown soybeans may sunset

6 Ways to Enhance Your Burndown Application

Burndown applications provide control early on to keep weed pressure low throughout the season. Improve coverage, minimize environmental interference, and ensure effectiveness by making sure these adjuvants are included in your burndown tank mix.

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select max enlist 2, 4-d, dicamba, glyphosate volunteer corn antagonism

Adjuvants Help to Overcome Herbicide Antagonism

Dicamba, 2,4-D, and glufosinate tolerance for soybeans and cotton have opened a new world of opportunity for using these herbicides for post-emergence weed control. However, these opportunities also introduce challenges with antagonism when multiple herbicides are tank-mixed. 

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