Private Label Service

We understand the challenges of ever-changing chemical markets – new traits, new mixes, and new regulations – which require constant innovation to provide today’s pesticide applicators with the solutions they need to spray with confidence. 
Our full-service specialty chemical development and commercialization program provides access to the latest technologies along with the technical and marketing support needed to establish a successful custom branded product program. 

Step 1: Program Vision & Strategy

Contact one of our sales professionals to conduct a strategic program analysis. With an understanding of the unique conditions your business faces, we will be able to propose a product program tailored to set your brand apart from the competition while maximizing profitability. 

  • Discuss current operating and market conditions, highlighting any special circumstances or challenges your applicators face in the field
  • Define the vision and strategic objectives of creating, updating or expanding a specialty chemical product program
  • Review our list of recommendations for standard adjuvant categories 

Most of our products are formulated and packaged to order, creating a unique capacity for formulation customization. If you’d like more information on our recommendations, ask questions and request technical documentation, specimen labels, or marketing materials. For some opportunities independent research data, sample materials for testing or a consultation with our technical teams may be available.

Step 2: Develop Branded Label

Once the formulations have been selected and the product specifications provided, we’ll start the label development process. This process can takes as little as a few days or as much as a couple weeks, depending on the season. Upon receipt of the proof approval, the labels are immediately available for orders or submissions to regulatory agencies.   

Step 3: Focus on the Long Term Growth

As a private label supplier, we are uniquely committed to your success. That is why we seek partners who understand the value of partnership in creating long term strategies for growth. By working together, we are better prepared to develop a comprehensive product program and support materials tailored to illustrate complex value throughout any organization. 

Exacto, Inc. has been strategically organized into essential teams dedicated to providing a range of support services for our partners. Each team is focused on engaging the industries we serve to understand market dynamics, define best practices and anticipate disruptive trends. These hubs of expertise act as sources of inspiration for continual improvement in the ways we tailor our communication and growth strategies. 

Exacto’s high-quality, inhouse printer offers ultimate flexibility in design and production batch sizes for our private label customers