Multifunctional: Acidifier, Penetrant, & Drift Control

Ideal adjuvant system for low pH applications

Features and Benefit

  • Easy to use multifunctional 
  • Lowers the pH of spray solutions
    • Prevents alkaline hydrolysis of pesticides sensitive to high pH 
  • Reduces surface tension of tank mix
    • Allows spray droplets to spread upon contact 
    • Aids in driving the pesticide actives into the plant faster 
    • Allows water to penetrant hydrophobic surfaces 
  • Ensures consistent spray droplet size
    • Uniform deposition of spray droplet on plant surfaces
  • Ideal for use in or around aquatic areas


Available In

  • 1 Gallon Container
  • 2.5 Gallon Container

Regulatory Map

Below is the USA regulatory approvals map for Exacto’s branded products. On the right side is a list of all the products that require regulatory approval with a scroll bar. AquiMax is selected by default. De-select AquiMax before choosing the appropriate product. Ensure only one product is selected to see the approval status per product. When a product is allowed to use, the state is colored green. If the state is colored yellow, approval is pending. A product is not permitted for use in a white-colored state.

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