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Todd Weisbrod Joins Exacto®, Inc.

“Exacto, Inc., a leader in the formulation and enabling chemistry segment, is very pleased to welcome Todd Weisbrod, CPA as Financial Controller. “We are excited to have Todd join our team to provide day-to-day leadership of our finance and accounting functions”, said CFO of Cox Family Holdings, Phil Kuk. 

Todd and his capable team are responsible for managing all financial elements of Exacto, Inc. as well as Tria Global Solutions, LLC.  Todd has excellent finance and accounting experience with leading middle market companies.  His education includes a BA in Accounting from Lakeland College and a BS in Finance and Business Administration from the University of WI – Whitewater.

For 39 years, Exacto®, Inc. has engineered eco-friendly agronomic solutions and produced private label products for several markets including; Agriculture, Turf and Ornamental, and Industrial Vegetation Management.

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Solutions Offered

Contract Research & Product Development

Exacto has strong research and product development capabilities build on 40 years of experience. We offer customized product development services to meet your specific pesticide, fertilizer, biostimulant, biopesticide, adjuvant, or seed treatment needs.

Private Label Service

Our full-service specialty chemical development and commercialization program provides access to the latest technologies and the technical and marketing support needed to establish a successful custom branded product program, including in-house label design and printing capabilities.


Monitoring the regulations that affect your day to day operations, Exacto’s regulatory compliance staff provides a wealth of information for both our associates and partners for expert advice to navigate the complicated world of local, state, federal, and international rules and regulations. 

Research, Development & Innovation

Exacto’s Research, Development, and Innovation (RD&I) team consist of seasoned scientists with expertise in chemistry, biology, and agronomy.  Their areas of expertise lay in product development and testing, raw material qualification, analytical method development, and manufacturing support.

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