Exacto celebrates its fortieth anniversary with Growing Together theme

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Celebrating our 40th anniversary with ‘Growing Together’ theme.

February 3rd marks the fortieth anniversary of Exacto®, Inc, an innovative turnkey chemical manufacturer with roots in agriculture, turf and ornamental, and industrial vegetation management sectors. Since its inception, Exacto has grown from a small adjuvant manufacturer to an international full-service company offering technologically advanced, private-label chemicals.

Exacto 40th Anniversary Logo - Growing Together
Exacto 40th Anniversary Logo – Growing Together

“40 years ago, Exacto started as a small, humble business.  Like other enduring iconic companies, Exacto literally began in a garage and expanded over many years to serve customers around the world.  Along the way, Exacto has overcome many challenges and experienced success through the commitment and vision of owner Kenny Cox and key tenured staff like Frank Sexton and others.  Building on a foundational commitment to innovation and private-label manufacturing, Exacto continues to provide customers with the highest quality adjuvants and services to help them grow their businesses,” said Wally Beecroft, CEO of Exacto, Inc. “This anniversary is an excellent moment to underscore Exacto’s distinctive approach and commitment to provide products and services to customers that ultimately enable the sustainable stewardship of vital natural resources to meet the rapidly growing demands of current and future generations. We have a great team in place that enables us to grow together with our customers.” 

Over the years, Exacto has helped its strategic partners build their adjuvant brands with in-house research and development, flexible operations, full-service marketing concepts, and an entire contract research organization focused on the goal of expanding their business outside of traditional means. All these services help support Exacto’s mission to empower the supply chain with advanced product solutions to operate successfully and sustainably. Exacto’s culture is built on its CORE values, standing for Care, Opportunity, Respect, and Excellence. Those are integrated into everything Exacto does and helped to create a team that excels.

The impact of the chlorpyrifos will have impact on a broad range of crops

Chlorpyrifos Cancelation Impact

The impact of the chlorpyrifos cancellation by the EPA will affect a broad range of crops in the USA. However, its use has been decreasing since 2000, and the impact on most commodity crops is minimal.

US Crop Update September 14

US Crop update September 14

This week, the US crop update shares insights into the current drought status, the impact of historical and forecasted weather, and last but not least, the latest crop conditions and harvest updates with a comparison to the past years.

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Solutions Offered

Contract Research & Product Development

Exacto has strong research and product development capabilities build on 40 years of experience. We offer customized product development services to meet your specific pesticide, fertilizer, biostimulant, biopesticide, adjuvant, or seed treatment needs.

Private Label Service

Our full-service specialty chemical development and commercialization program provides access to the latest technologies and the technical and marketing support needed to establish a successful custom branded product program, including in-house label design and printing capabilities.


Monitoring the regulations that affect your day to day operations, Exacto’s regulatory compliance staff provides a wealth of information for both our associates and partners for expert advice to navigate the complicated world of local, state, federal, and international rules and regulations. 

Research, Development & Innovation

Exacto’s Research, Development, and Innovation (RD&I) team consist of seasoned scientists with expertise in chemistry, biology, and agronomy.  Their areas of expertise lay in product development and testing, raw material qualification, analytical method development, and manufacturing support.

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