Corn crop conditions June 21, 2021

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US Crop Update June 18

Drought conditions continue to increase.

With warmer than average temperatures in many areas, the current drought situation is being compared to 2012, one of the worst years in recent history. However, there was a slight relief in certain regions. Some scattered rainfall has helped stabilize crops in areas of drought in the corn belt, but without abundant subsoil moisture, crops will need more timely rains to maintain full yield potential. 

In most of the USA, the amount of rain in the last seven days was very low.
In most of the USA, the amount of rain in the last seven days was very low.

In addition, the northwestern region of the US experienced some relief from widespread precipitation events in Montana, Washington, and Oregon.

Rainfall in the last seven days is in large areas of the US below normal amounts of rain.

The forecast shows some rain for Iowa and Southern Minnesota, but it leaves a large area of the corn-belt waiting for rain. 


While the western part was experiencing an early-season heatwave, the temperatures remain unseasonable high in the Midwest and High Plains. Temperatures look to cool down closer to normal in the Midwest.

Crop conditions and trading

The summer weather market is in full force, and the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) is extremely volatile. Crops are getting into mid-vegetative stages and will need rain over the next week to maintain full yield potential.
The crop condition ratings have declined for most crops. The early-season expectation is that they will become below other recent years. 


The current dryness circumstances have corn rolling its leaves by mid-day due to drought stress. 

The crop conditions and progress for June 21, 2021
The crop conditions and progress for June 21, 2021


Soybeans are growing slower than expected to preserve moisture. A good amount of rain is needed to remedy the lack of water.

The crop progress and conditions for soy beans on June 21, 2021.
The crop progress and conditions for soy beans on June 21, 2021.

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