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Exacto is Expanding Services Beyond Chemical Development

With changing weather patterns, increasing pesticide resistance, new market requirements, and modified chemical technologies, the required knowledge for agriculture, horticulture, and industrial vegetation management continues to expand. To stay ahead of these changes, Exacto continues to amplify its solution-based capabilities and services it offers to increase focus on research-proven results.
Spray chamber testing
As part of our research & development and contract research offerings, Exacto utilizes an extensive in-house chemical laboratory that received significant upgrades earlier this year. With the continued focus to ensure state-of-the-art services, such as a spray chamber, Exacto also invested in a fully controlled growth room equipped with an incubator chamber, to enable plant testing year-round. This facilitates faster and continuous data collection to determine the effect of chemicals used instead of waiting for subsequent in-field testing in the spring. In addition, our new advanced WinRhizo root growth analyzer delivers more precise data on how plants are affected in their basic growing capabilities to provide more insight into the impact of applications.

“We are excited to continue growing our offerings to customers that help them make more informed decisions about what adjuvants suit their active ingredient and end-user needs best,” says Lacey Dellinger, VP of Customer Solutions. “Being able to get accurate measurements on the effect of adding adjuvants to pesticides will better help mitigate weed resistance challenges for current and new technologies. In addition, our in-house contract research capabilities will enable all who are looking to create proprietary active ingredient products as well.”

Growth room plants & lights
Over the years, Exacto has helped its strategic partners build their adjuvant brands with in-house research and development, flexible operations, full-service marketing concepts, and an entire contract research organization focused on the goal of expanding their business outside of traditional means. These services support Exacto’s mission to empower the supply chain with advanced product solutions to operate successfully and sustainably. Exacto’s culture is built on its CORE values, standing for Care, Opportunity, Respect, and Excellence. Our values are integrated into everything we do and have helped us create a team that excels.

About Exacto®, Inc.: Founded in 1981, Exacto has developed innovative technologies that improve crop protection economics. With an eye on sustainable use of our most valuable resources, Exacto focuses on engineering solutions to optimize the conditions in which water, soil, and chemicals come together to create bountiful croplands and vibrant landscapes — all while using fewer natural resources. Exacto’s experienced team of scientists, technical staff, and sales professionals work in harmony with their research and distribution partners to gain a fundamental understanding of the dynamic challenges faced in the markets they serve in the USA and around the globe.

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Contract Research & Product Development

Exacto has strong research and product development capabilities build on 40 years of experience. We offer customized product development services to meet your specific pesticide, fertilizer, biostimulant, biopesticide, adjuvant, or seed treatment needs.

Private Label Service

Our full-service specialty chemical development and commercialization program provides access to the latest technologies and the technical and marketing support needed to establish a successful custom branded product program, including in-house label design and printing capabilities.


Monitoring the regulations that affect your day to day operations, Exacto’s regulatory compliance staff provides a wealth of information for both our associates and partners for expert advice to navigate the complicated world of local, state, federal, and international rules and regulations. 

Research, Development & Innovation

Exacto’s Research, Development, and Innovation (RD&I) team consist of seasoned scientists with expertise in chemistry, biology, and agronomy.  Their areas of expertise lay in product development and testing, raw material qualification, analytical method development, and manufacturing support.

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