cutting edge perspective - Joe Gednalske CPDA adjuvant education

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Cutting-edge Perspectives: Joe Gednalske

Watch the interview with Joe Gednalske, Director of Education – Adjuvant Development at the CPDA and Bob Herzfeld, Product Manager at Exacto below and listen to their perspective on industry developments.

Joe Gednalske, Director of Education – Adjuvant Development, CPDA has been an agricultural industry beacon for many decades, working to explore the value adjuvants bring to agriculture and the crop protection industry. With his background as an agronomist and spearheading the development of many adjuvants, such as Interlock, he has gained a wealth of insight and information on the challenges and advancements over the years.

Tune into his conversation with Bob Herzfeld, Product Manager at Exacto. Together, they have worked on developing many adjuvant systems that are still used on millions of acres today. Furthermore, they discuss the value of adjuvants in growing crops successfully, where adding a premium adjuvant to your spray tank can increase the yield by up to 15%. Plus, hear their perspective on the various supply industries’ nonintegrated approach to optimizing results for growers and the role CPDA certification plays.

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Wetting Agents: Interview with Dr. Matteo Serena & Dr. Doug Soldat

Watch the discussion below in which Dr. Glen Obear, Director of RDI at Exacto, Inc., interviews two university researchers at the cutting edge of their fields – Dr. Matteo Serena, Professional Researcher at the University of California-Riverside, and Dr. Doug Soldat, Turfgrass Extension Specialist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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